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[The Story of a Soldier,

Alex Reed Stories Mission List]

aka: Shark, [S]hark21, -S-hark21


Nationality: Malaysia flag
Allies: John12, KaRzY6, Shiva s, Alifjenius.
Forums: November 09, 2011

-S-hark21 is a Malaysian DYOM User registered and joined on November 01 2011. He noticed DYOM when he was searching for modifications in GTAGarage. He tried the DYOM modification but knew nothing about using it. After viewing some tutorials on YouTube, he discovered about the DYOM Modification's Official Website. Shark now has been around since 2012 designing missions and trailers.

Mission PacksEdit

-S-hark21 designed his first ever mission pack titled, The Story of a Soldier. Since then, he make the mission on hold. While that is on-going, he had designed his second mission pack titled, Alex Reed Stories. -S-hark21 planned to design 75 mission packs as he decided to not drop it.


His first mission titled CJ vs Sweet published in 15 December 2011. He thinks the mission was awful and deleted the mission. In November 04 2011, he published another mission title, The big War of Grove. Also published his second single mission titled, This is Warand his third single mission titled,Taking over the Jefferson Motel. His fourth single mission titled,1 vs 100. He became more skilled after creating more missions and was given postive feedbacks for his missions.

Trailer DesigningEdit

-S-hark21 started making mission trailers in December 15, 2011. The first trailer he created was from his own mission pack, Alex Reed Stories. Back in December 15, he wasn't one of the 'official' trailer maker yet. After a few days, jetjatin added him and ItsAllAboutGTA to the DYOM Trailer Makers Team. Proud to be in the team, he starts making more trailers for others.

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