A Hot Pursuit
Mission pack
Creator: Cidj
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Action/Adventure
Status: Complete
Number of Chapters: 3 chapters
Year: 1995
Protagonist(s): Lance Robinson
A Hot Pursuit is a mission pack by Cidj. He started it on 7/24/2015 and finished it on 8/18/2015

Story Edit

Lance Robinson is a Police Officer who was doing his job by saving a hostage but he was forced to run away with the hostage which made the bikers angry and want to kill him and also the police wants him arrested because he failed the operation, so Lance with the help of his friend is putted in a Hot Pursuit against his life and he has to solve it.

Characters Edit

Lance Robinson Edit

The main protagonist and a good police officer.

Ricardo Montana Edit

He was the hostage who was saved by Lance. Later, he becomes Lance's best friend.

Derrick Robinson Edit

He is Lance's older brother. He'll help Lance with the problem.

The Leader of The Bikers Edit

He's the main antagonist of the mission pack. His main goal is to kill Lance and Ricardo.

The Major Edit

He told the officers to bring Lance and Ricardo to him because Lance ran away from the mission with Ricardo. Then he'll be the right hand of Lance

Phil Simon Edit

He is one of Ricardo's friends and he'll help Lance with the problem.

Randy Simon Edit

Phil's younger brother and also one of Ricardo's friend. He'll help Lance with the problem. But he is secretly working for The Bikers

Fa Lee Edit

He is one of Randy and Phil's friends, he'll help Lance and Ricardo a lot!

Donald Cipriani Edit

He was a guy who was wanted by The Bikers for ten years as a hostage and he helped Lance Robinson with his new life.

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