October 20, 2011 - Unknown

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Banned DYOM User
Username: Abishai.kochara
aka: AK or Abishai


Nationality: Ia
Forums: October 20, 2011

Abishai.kochara is a DYOM User. He joined GTAForums and the DYOM website on October 20, 2011.


Life in DYOM

Core was his first mission-pack. It recieved good response in the beginning but it simply drooped down later. His second mission pack Heavy Duty: Resilient Civil was better than the last one but was a hardcore army-pack fitting his style of playing. After John12 brought to light that the missions of Core weren't that good, he began making missions with hard-work and made a number of quality missions for Los Santos Stories, his third mission-pack. It recieved good response but after nearing completion of chapter 1, he suddenly dissappeared. He made a comeback with San Andreas Online- which turned into a regular flop like DYOM Heroes which he had created earlier. Then he made Unofficial DYOM Awards- another flop. Then to mark his comeback he began a new mission pack; 8 Miles, a piece of work that he worked on day and night. He made very good missions for it and in his view, it was his best mission-pack.


On May 28, 2012, AK got banned for unknown reason.


All his missions

8 Miles

Heavy Duty : Resilient Civil

Los Santos Stories


San Andreas Online

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