Alex Judrigo Pablo
Appearances: EFLV: ADWoL


Full Name: Alex Judrigo Pablo
Also Known As: Alex
Gender: Male
Status: deceased
Nationality: Mexican - American
Home: Vice City (Formerly)

Las Venturas

Relatives: Diego Pablo (Father) (Deceased)

Amanda Peterson (Mother) (Deceased)

Affiliations: Cesar Alvado (Cousin) (Deceased)

Ricko Bernando (Friend) (Deceased)

Shawn Williams (Friend) (Deceased)

Alex Judrigo Pablo is the second Protagonist of LeonCJ most successful mission pack called Episode From Las Venturas

ADWoL Edit

Alex is half afro american and half mexican. He's mother in Vice City were a black young girl and met a Mexican man (Alex's father). Later on the Pablo Family of Drug business started in Vice City. Alex left Vice City to meet up with Cesar Alvado in Las Venturas, San Andreas. In Vice City he met Shawn Williams. They both had some deals with the Vercetti Mafia. Alex wants to control a mafia, be a boss, but he never had a chance after he met Ricko Bernando. Sometimes later, his father died by Roberto Hawn so now, Alex wants to revenge on his father and mother's death and also takes back what's his and it is his father's casino which was taken by Roberto Hawn and it is the Caligulas Casino.

TTE Edit

Alex owns the Caligula's casino and the Pablo mafia. He and Vlad are enemy's and wants to kill each other. Alex became more bad ass than before and now in control of a mafia he wants to take over Las Venturas.

Death Edit

If Roman chose to kill Luca, then Alex will be killed in the mission Revenge or if Roman chose to keep Luca alive then Alex will be killed in the mission The Final Shootdown.

Missions appearances: Edit

ADWoL: As the Protagonist, he appears in all the missions.




Showing Who's Boss

It's your choice

Final Shootdown (Killed) (If Luca was still alive)

Revenge (Killed) (If Luca was killed)

Murder Committed Edit

Steve - In order to revenge on Billy's death

The Chief - Shoot to death from order from Rafly Azuki

Rafly Azuki - Shoot to death

James Silverman - Shoot to death

Ronald Silverman - Shoot to death

Roberto Hawn - For Taking back the Caligulas Casino and for revenge on his mother and father's death

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