Alex Reed Stories
Mission pack
Creator: -S-hark21
Type: Mission-pack
Status: Work In Progress
Number of Chapters: 7 (2 made)
Year: 1985
Protagonist(s): Alex Reed

Alex Reed Stories is a mission-pack created by DYOM User, -S-hark21. It was started on  11 December 2011 and hasn't been completed yet.


Don't stop giving up on what you must do - Thomas Reed In a year of 1985, a story about a guy called Alex Reed. His brother, Thomas Reed was a great man, did many good things to Los Santos. He's the one who always solve people problems. Many people love him. He's a great cops. Not until one day.... Alex Reed have to kill his own brother because of Hart Snyder, a guy who work with Thomas Reed himself. After Alex killed his brother, he move to San Fierro with John. That's where he met Taylor Handerson and Smith Johnson. Taylor is a leader of a gang called Downtown Shooters. They were the strongest gang... But after 2 years... Alex Reed decided to go to Liberty City to start a new life. He thought it was a good choice, but he was wrong. He felt much lonely than before. After 5 years in Liberty City, he moved back to San Fierro. To roll with his gang again. The gang is no longer the strongest, but they are the weakest. Now.... It's time for Alex to show what he got. This is now his new life, new adventures and as a new person. It is his job to make his gang, the strongest, the biggest, the most powerful.

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