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Username: Arejai
aka: Arejai


Nationality: Malaysia
Forums: Feb 15, 2010
Website: Dec 15, 2011

Arejai is a DYOM User and designer. Although he joined the forums a long time ago, he started making missions only recently. He is also one of the video reviewers.


Discovering DYOMEdit

"But, after a week(I think), I'm suddenly searched the mod on google. And it led me to GTAForums, a large community of GTA. I started looking on DYOM community, and I found it interesting. So, that's how I know DYOM."

Arejai found out about DYOM while looking at some videos on YouTube. He found a trailer of GTA SA which impressed him. He thought that it was SAMP, but when he look at the comments, they said it's DYOM, Design Your Own Mission. At first he thought it was just a mod like any other, but after a week or so he suddenly decided to search for it in Google and it led him to GTAForums, a large community of GTA. He started looking at the DYOM community.

Winner of DYOM Contest #5Edit

On May 26, 2012, Arejai's mission "Catastrophe" won in the fifth DYOM Contest.

Mission PacksEdit

He has made a significant amount of mission packs with his first being The Transporter.

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