Unknown - Unknown

Banned DYOM User
Username: ArijeshM_97
aka: Arijesh or The DYOM Fan


Nationality: India
Banned for: Unknown.

ArijeshM_97 joined GTAForums on December 18, 2011.

GTA:III Reloaded

ArijeshM_97 joined the project GTA:III Reloaded. Not all after his joining, Rytuklis announced that someone needs to take over. ArijeshM_97 took over the project and made a new topic. He became the co-leader, but many DYOM Users doubted him. He proved them wrong by being a good leader and updated regularly.


ArijeshM_97 got banned from GTAForums. It was unknown, but had nothing to do with the DYOM section. He made a further 2 accounts, Arijesh and The DYOM Fan. He tried to talk to Craig and get his original unbanned. But he failed and got those 2 accounts banned aswell.

The GTA Zone Forums

The GTA Zone Forums is one of the newest GTA Communities dedicated to GTA Gaming and has the record of gaining a successful amount of posts and members.

The GTA Zone is Officially affiliated with DYOM Wiki and DYOM from permission with Dutcy3010 & PatrickW.


He was a good GTAForums member and helped in different fields like San Andreas troubleshooting and he even made a dedicated Browser for a mobile version of GTAForums.

But it is easy to forget past members, expect those who considered him a friend.

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