"Hello, everyone. This is Aznkei playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas DYOM Edition"
-AznKei's intro speech in his videos

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Username: AznKei
aka: Best mission reviewer
AznKei the Reviewer


Nationality: Canada
Affiliations: Doublepulse
DYOM Staff
Forums: Mar 19, 2010
Website: Oct 16, 2011
Awards Awards Awards
DYOM: Best review maker

AznKei is one of the members of GTAForums, best reviewer and a moderator of DYOM Website. He is well respected by the designers because of his mission reviews.


Before the Reviews

AznKei was designing missions as all of us did. Although, he only made 3 missions as in DYOM Data base. Since 2010-03-24 until 2010-04-10. After that, he started reviewing designer's missions, telling their good/bad work and what needs improvements. He was doing reviews in seperate topics for designers until 2010 July.

DYOM Reviewing Days

At 2010-07-01, AznKei opened a thread for his reviews. DYOM Missions Reviews.

People then started asking for reviews in his topic and AznKei got many attention and got popular. Until one day, AznKei added a new reviewer, after that, more wanted to review.

Now, it's 6 DYOM Reviewers... including AznKei.

DYOM Awards

AznKei was nominated as "Best Review Maker" in DYOM Awards - the very first awards of DYOM.

As a reward, he became the moderator of the new DYOM Website.