Battle of San Diego
Mission pack
Creator: KaRzY6
Type: Mission-Pack
Genre: War and Army
Status: Work In Progress
Number of Chapters: Unknown
Year: 2013
Protagonist(s): Bryon Goodes

Battle of San Diego is a mission-pack created by DYOM designer, KaRzY6. The mission-pack was started on May 21, 2012.


Year, 2012.

The Mexican Drug War has caused over 50 000 deaths in the country. Refugee numbers are flying up. The US government refuses to let them in the country. Guerillas form a group, known as the 'Blue Army' to the US. The number of member grows massively. They begin to launch attacks on the US border, killing civilians and soldiers. The US continue to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

Year, 2013.

The Blue Army finally reach San Diego and attack the city. They outnumber US troops in the area, 5 to 1. Two days after the invasion US president, Barack Obama, announces that the final troops in Afghanistan are being sent home. I other words, the Afghan war is over and the Battle of San Diego has begun. 17 days after the invasion, the first reinforcements arrive at the city, Oceanside, just north of San Diego. The Blue army have taken San Diego, parts of Oceanside and are moving inland to the city, Escondido. In that 20 000 reinforcements is a man, Lieutenant Byron Goodes, formly in the San Andreas team of AGH69. Lieutenant Goodes is the protagonist and is apart of the special force to take back the San Diego region.

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