Becoming A Successfull DYOM Mission Designer
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Title: Becoming A Successfull DYOM Mission Designer
Starter: Chimpso
Date: Dec 31 2010
Type: Guide

This thread is a Guide for the new comers in DYOM. Thread made by Chimpso, since 'Dec 31 2010.

  • When anyone begins making missions with DYOM (Design Your Own Mission), you can pretty much guarentee that they want to make something successfull. I'm sure that many new users want to rise to the top and be known as a great mission designer. Here is a handy guide that will hopefully help you by giving you information on how to apply yourself in the DYOM scene, as well as what you have to do to get yourself well-known. Remember, these are just hints and tips which give you information. You don't have to follow all these principles to the letter to become successfull and well know, everyone has their own way. But I'm sure this will help you by showing you sort of how it works.

Becoming Known

The first and most essential thing that must be done before you become well known, is to be, well, known. You need to become part of the DYOM community. To do this, you need to (obviously) create missions (more on that below), but you also need to be on the sites that the community is on. The DYOM community operates on three sites:


Read more how to become known in thethread in GTAForums. You'll find "Missions & Design", "Mission Packs", etc.

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