• AnDReJ98

    Active Wiki Editor

    July 7, 2014 by AnDReJ98

    If someone has a request for a new page/edit, feel free to ask me.

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  • RandomGTAGamer

    The DYOM Wiki main page hasn't changed for years, it even says "New V7" which is very old now and V8 is coming. also there's a page V8 With also NoEdit which is pretty annoying because the admin doesn't give a shit much and leaves all the NoEdit pages half finished or with no new info. please someone who owns this wiki, be active in your goddamn wiki because it's your own and only you can access the NoEdit Pages which are very old with very old info.

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  • TheXProyect


    August 1, 2013 by TheXProyect

    Hello everyone this is TheXProyect you can call me X or Alan, it's the same for me, i hope you people like my mission and looking forward to them.

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  • Daggerbomb


    June 4, 2013 by Daggerbomb

    |join = May 30, 2013|join website = June 1, 2013}}

    daggerbomb is one of the 2013 DYOM mission designers.

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  • Apit2010

    My Mission Pack (DYOM)

    November 24, 2012 by Apit2010

    Hello, My name is Apit2010 aka Hafizul Naim

    November 19, I have planned to make MP (Mission Pack). I name it "Bravery One" and I have post topic about it at GTAForums. If you want to see it, just go here Bravery One

    November 24, LFarmer (my friend) want to help me making MP but I disagree because I want to make that MP alone for one reason.

    1. This is my first MP. So I want to do it alone.

    LFarmer says "Your MP, Your Choice" . It's like that LFarmer accept my decision.

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  • Platinum Card

    Following the release of the first chapter of No Fear: Inferno I realised that I need to write a story that is congruent to the them of the mission pack. Chapter one for me was more like an introduction with bits of comedy, crazy scenarios, and mystery. I believe that most users out there are looking for more action and less cinematics. The cinematic element plays a major role in my mission making because i'm a very visual person. It seems that my most successful and recogzed missions to date are from The Ballad Of Tommy Vercetti (TBOTV) which has been on hiatus since completing the second chapter. I will try to write more of the story tonight and test a few ideas with the DYOM 7 beta. Maybe then, things will be different.

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  • XMatix

    Going Into War

    May 30, 2012 by XMatix

    Call of Duty fans, you HAVE to check this out!

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  • XMatix

    City of Death

    May 30, 2012 by XMatix

    Second Chapter of "Theory of Revolution" is on the way! It's called "City of Death". You can check all progress and new characters at main page on GTAForums, right here!:

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  • XMatix

    Theory of Revolution

    May 30, 2012 by XMatix

    Theory of Revolution is my first storyline.

    Year 2013. Russian agent Valentina Semetova was send to stole files from one of Russian Politician.
    Suspicions exist that Russian want to start war with America, files are supposed to be
    handed over to American Govenment. Irish agent, Daniel Valera is picking them up, at once he is getting into trouble, the matters are complicate, memories are returning, and agent is remembering more and more about war in Belarus and Kazakhstan, where he fighted with Captain Cost.
    Not everything going good, files turn out to be the trap, and heroes must unmask Russians.

    Let's see more at:


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  • XMatix

    Hi guys!

    May 30, 2012 by XMatix

    I'm still learning how to use thing here, but probably I will be posting here about my missions and newest updates. So, have fun!

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  • Rewas514

    March 31, 2012 Updates

    March 31, 2012 by Rewas514

    Hello there, designers. This is my first blog and I will tell you small updates on this wiki.

    I added tabs so now DYOM users can write about their personal lives (if they want to), relationships with other DYOM users and other stuff. To use tabs, just use this template. Also, if you don't want to write anything about your personal life, then replace real life article with this template.

    I turned off the comments on this wiki, because the wiki needs Talk pages more than comments. The talk pages are usually for discussions about the article's contents. Be sure to discuss about locked articles what needs to be edit or deleted. To access talk pages, press "Talk" which is near "Edit"/"View Source" button. Don't forget to put your signature to kno…

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  • Abishai.kochara

    abishai blogs!

    December 24, 2011 by Abishai.kochara


    this my facebook, please dont post dirty or embarresing stuff on my walls.

    i guess i'll get a badge now :D

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  • LeonCJ

    Helping CM

    October 8, 2011 by LeonCJ

    Helping CM, editing stuff. Adding stuff, etc.

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