Blueberry Massacre
Blueberry Massacre
Mission pack
Creator: LFarmer
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Myth, Action
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Chapters: 5
Year: 1983
Protagonist(s): John Shepherd

This is an upcoming mission and the first mission desgined by LFarmer. On, 15th July, LFarmer stated that Blueberry Massacre will begin in progress on the 5th of August or above or in early October. On August 23th, the mission was in delay status from now on due to lack of ideas.


Numerous death reports and sightings of the infamous serial killer in Blueberry. The serial killer is locally known as "Diablo of Blueberry". Locals believed that the serial killer lives around the farm area.

John Shepherd, with his team of "SAMT" or "San Andreas Myth Team" took the case of the infamous and mysterious serial killer in Blueberry.

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