Bravery One
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Mission pack
Creator: apit2010
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Unknown
Status: Not even start working on it
Number of Chapters: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): David Hallow

Bravery One is a mission pack by apit2010 that is in a waiting for DYOM Version 7 full release.


A story begins with Police Inspector David Hallow drinking one whiskey after another. Later, he lost at forest and found by stranger, 1 year ago, He has killed many people who guilty for robbery, killing and other criminals. After a several months, David Hallow had a problem with his wife Jeniffer Kevin. His wife think that her husband always come back home late because meet other girls but the truth is her husband is busy solving a case. After a divorce, Inspector David Hallow being a crazy and drink a whiskey. He thought that drinking whiskey can solve his case so he drink whiskey a lot. (Now back to this year story) One day, Inspector David Hallow was drinking some whiskey, but after a while he passed out due to the high amount of alcohol in his blood. When he woke up, he figured it put he was in the middle of nothing, and he needed to find out a way back to his house. He will meet people whose will give player some tasks, that must be done in order to gain access to his house. After he do all the accomplishments, he will finally back to home,but after a while he will wake up and realize that everything was just a dream he had due to drinking excessive amounts of whiskey. After he wake up, he will try to back home by using a way like in dream.


Apit2010 has opened the thread in GTAForums for this mission pack on November 19, 2012. This mission pack is placed on hold until DYOM Version 7 is out. Apit2010 started working on it in December 27, 2012

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