Profile Link
Username: Cammi
aka: cammi


Nationality: United Kingdom
Allies: Caio3771
Forums: 10 June 2012
Website: 23 November 2011

Cammi is one of the DYOM users in gtaforums.


In 2011, A new user signed up to DYOM.He just played other users missions and looked up to LnD

In 2012, 10 months later, he made a mission pack and joined gtaforums.

He will make the GTA IV RELOADED with caio3771.

His first mission pack UNITED WE STAND was released in 2 chapters.It was for GTA UNITED MOD. It was sort of popular. He aims to make DYOM a better place.

Soon he will make another mission pack or storyline called CRIME INC.


In August 2012, Cammi wasn't that active anymore in DYOM selection, he was more active in Writing selection, though little later he totally disappeared from the forum.

On November 2012 he said 'I'm back!' though that wasn't for too long. He left again and didn't come back.

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