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Carl Eastwood
Appearances: The Only Living Soul
Full Name: Carl Eastwood
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Home: Jefferson, Los Santos
Affiliations: LSPD

"What in the hell is this?"
-Carl while he is seing his neighbourhood destroyed.

Carl Eastwood is a playable character and protagonist of The Only Living Soul, he is a trained police officer of the LSPD.


Carl is a well trainer officer, he knows how to handle every gun. The reasons for why he join LSPD are currently unknown. He is a very sports man.

Character historyEdit

Before the OutbreakEdit

He was working as a police officer on the LSPD, likely a little obsessed with his work because he spents the most of his day, working. Later after finish his shift he goes to home and watchs his favorites tv shows and also watching sports games like football.

Outbreak of Los SantosEdit

Carl woke up in a bathroom, locked up without knowing anything, he leaves the bathroom and you call your friend Andy to find out everything what is happening, but he's not answer the phone. Later he goes out and find that the city is deserted and destroyed. Meanwhile he's watching the destroyed city he thinks of taking a gun to protect himself, before entering his house, Carl hears a scream and then a police man falls out of nowhere, Carl is scared and he pick up the gun, he goes outside again, the police man is not there anymore, suddenly the police man attacks Carl from behind and Carl kills him, he then says taht was the right thing to do. He later find himself in an alley, trapped, before do anything some S.W.A.T members attack him, he ran fast as he could, he later find a soldier, in front of him there is a Millitary Camp, it's like it was overrun by those things, Carl is surrounded but suddenly a Solider appears and saves Carl, The Soldier says that Carl is an idiot because he was shooting like a cowboy and also attracting the attention of those things.

Later he and with his new friend Cpl.Robert Kennedy (The Soldier) go to Andy's House trying to find some awnsers and find Andy. But they only find the death and a dorky guy called Kenny. Carl along with Robert and Kenny escape the motel with a boat. Before they can even escape a creature attack them with a RPG, killing Kenny in the process. Some Swat and a guy in a suit appears and take Carl and Robert into custody.

Carl and Robert are captured by Hope Agents. Now Car is alone (again) and when he wakes up from his cell the Hope Facilities is in danger cause' the creature of the facilitie are now free. Carl tries to find his way out of the facilities, killing some zombies and Hope Agents. When he is outside he finds a Swat Member working for Hope. Carl manages to kill the Swat Deserter and then look for his lost friend Robert.

Mission appearancesEdit

The Only Living Soul:

Chapter 1:

  • Intro (Playable)
  • Like a Desert (Playable)
  • Andy's House (Playable)
  • Overrun (Playable)
  • This is how we fall (Playable)
  • No hope (Playable)

Killed victimsEdit

This list shows the victims Carl has killed:

  • Swat1.
  • Several Hope Guards.
  • Numerous counts of zombies.

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