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Version 8 is the most unexpected version ever. DYOM moves out from CLEO3 into CLEO4.


  • New special effects
    • Over 90 new additional effects
    • New Explosions
    • New Fire effects
  • New Cutscene modes
    • Follow Actor
    • 1st Person
    • 3rd Person
  • New Cutscene properties
    • Slow-motion
    • Shaking camera
    • Skip fading
    • Skip widescreen
    • Scroll through previously placed cutscenes
  • New Special objectives
    • Add Money, substract money
  • New Pickup options
    • Respawn after 30 seconds
    • Respawn after 6 minutes
  • Extend existing routes
  • New Animations
  • Objective Objects
  • Import/export of objective texts
  • Player Animation
  • Quick browsing for cars, actors, objects and animation.
  • Increased max amount of rewardmoney in storyline mode

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