Username: Cidj
aka: CJ
Nationality: Lebanese
Forums: January 27 2015
Website: October 11 2014

Cidj AKA CJ is a mission designer and a DYOM User that is signed to DYOM Wiki and to DYOM website

Before DYOMEdit

He was only playing Gta: San Andreas because it is his favorite game but when he founded out DYOM, he started to think how he can download it. After he downloaded it, he entered it but it crashes then he tried it with Cleo 3 and it worked and then  he started DYOM.


Before joining the website, he first makes single missions but he thought that he have to get improved in Dyom especially on getting the text colored and on making great designing so he started to get improved in DYOM.

Improvement in dyom Edit

At first, Cidj made single missions that he didn't upload for Dyom Website, but he saw that the mission designing was crap, so he started to play missions from some good designers like LeonCJ, Arejai and also he played some "Gta Style" missions from AnDReJ98 so then he knew how to make great designing and he registered to dyom website and started his own introduction in DYOM

"Hi, I'm Cidj, it's been a real honor to meet everyone on DYOM especially LnDPro, Arejai and Andrej98, does who I played their missions for getting improved on DYOM. I will start on making my first ever mission pack which I didn't announced it's name and I promise that I will do great mission packs"

Creating his first-ever mission-pack Edit

On October 11 2014, Cidj, started his first ever mission-pack called Episode From San Fierro, and he makes it as a GTA Style mission-pack. It got a big success and he posted it on gtaforums and on dyom website. Well the first comment about this mission pack was from Dhiman

"Hi Cidj, nice to meet you, i am looking forward to play your Missiin series EFSF, As soon as i get my laptop fixed, it looks very cool, Mate."

Well after some months, Cidj got the answer from Dhiman about the mission-pack

"I already played your missions months ago, fantastic and simple, you are one if my favourate designers. i liked story and gameplay designing of EFSF, keep doing it pal!"

Well, after that, Cidj was very proud of himself and announced that he would be making some others mission-packs

"After what I saw on the big success of my first mission-pack, I'm announcing that I would be making others mission-packs that will get big successes like Episode From San Fierro and also bigger"

Insidious, cancelling it and A Hot Pursuit Edit

Well, after a month of absence, Cidj came back on announcing that he would be making his first horror mission-pack called Insidious which after some weeks was cancelled due to a big failure of not having ideas and he announced that he would be making a mission-pack called A Hot Pursuit

"Well, I know all of you we're disappointed but making a horror mission-pack was a big failure especially if it's based on Insidious but I'm announcing my second mission-pack which will be called A Hot Pursuit which I promise will get a big success"

Las Venturas Stories Edit

On 8/20/2015, Cidj announced that he would start making a new mission pack called "Las Venturas Stories" after finishing "A Hot Pursuit". Then, he announced that this mission pack will contain 4 stories which Cidj will announce their names later.

"Guys, I really appreciate your supports especially after what I saw on the big success of A Hot Pursuit and I'm announcing a new mission pack which will be called Las Venturas Stories and will contain 4 stories which I will announce their names later and not now."

Cancelling Las Venturas Stories and starting Raphly Sanchez Path Edit

On 8/30/2015, Cidj announced that he is cancelling Las Venturas Stories and starting on a bigger project which is Raphly Sanchez Path while using DYOM V7. The Storyline was completed.

Grand Theft Auto: The Rise Of A Gangster Edit

Cidj announced his return to DYOM, and he will start with a new mission pack called Grand Theft Auto: The Rise Of Gangster. He announced that he will use DYOM V8.

Accounts Edit

DYOM Website Edit

Cidj registered to DYOM Website since October 11 2014

GTAForums Edit

Cidj registered to GTAForums since January 27 2015

Mission Packs Edit

  1. Episode From San Fierro (2014)
  2. Insidious (2014)
  3. A Hot Pursuit (2015)
  4. Las Venturas Stories (2015)
  5. Raphly Sanchez Path (2015)
  6. Grand Theft Auto: The Rise Of A Gangster (2017-2018)