Mission Pack

Codename: Zulu
Mission pack
Creator: Mattatatta
Type: Mission Pack
Status: Complete
Number of Chapters: 4 acts
Awards Awards Awards
DYOM Awards 2011: Best Storyline

Codename: Zulu is a mission pack created by Mattatatta.


You are a new agent in a secret organisation, the Falling Angels. Headed by Toreno, the Falling Angels are tasked with top-secret and often dangerous missions on U.S. soil. You are Agent Zulu in the F.A.T.F. (Falling Angels Task Force) division, this division contains solo operatives who do almost everything: Sabotage, Assassinations, Espionage, Rescues and the list goes on and on. The second division, known as F.A.A.R.S. (Falling Angels Armed-Response Soldiers) is a large force that provides extra muscle in raids and firefights, however, the F.A.T.F. is the most active - and dangerous - division.

You follow Agent Zulu through his short-lived career in the Falling Angels Task Force. After quickly earning his wings through the first few missions, Zulu finds himself in the middle of a struggle between national security and nationwide chaos. Agent Zulu, a veteran SWAT member prior to joining the Falling Angels, finds his skills being put to the test against arms dealers, smugglers, and the fearsome terrorist group the Sons of the Soviet Union.

This DYOM series is nothing short of incredible, with an original story and plot and 22 challenging missions spread over four acts, Codename: Zulu offers you something that cannot be topped easily. Prepare to see DYOM at its best.

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