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Cold Year
Mission pack
Creator: Doublepulse
Type: Storylines
Genre: Detective, Logic, action, drama
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 17 cases.
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): James Barretta (From Zero To Hero)
Phil McNarty (On Brother's Blood)
Cold Year is a mission pack created by Doublepulse and LeonCJ. This mission pack has two crossovering stories: From Zero to Hero (Doublepulse's missions) and On Brotherhood's blood (LeonCJ's missions).

This is a "detective" storyline with some similarities to LA Noire; Hardboiled (By Jackal1337) ; but with added features to really take advantage of objects and thinking. Two Detectives...Two Stories..Two Cases. Both stories crossover and have the same main goal, but each detective is fighting to get the bust for himself. The player will be encouraged to use thinking and observe the objects near him as Invisible checkpoints are placed, take pictures of Clues and work together with his partners.

From Zero To Hero

Take the role as "James Barretta" who starts off as a Mall Security Guard and makes himself known enough to be a detective. The cases he gets involved as a detective become more than he can handle..

On Brother's Blood

"You start with a detective already reached Desk 3, his name is Phillip McNarty.
His life was perfect until the end of his vacation, until his brother's death.
He fights through many cases in order to find out who is... the killer of his brother."

On April 9, 2012.

A DLC case was released for On Brother's Blood. The case takes time in Desk 4, it's called Foul Play in Palomino.

On April 28, 2012.

LnD released On Brother's Blood official trailer.

DYOM Cold Year On Brother's Blood Trailer (150Subs Thanks Video)02:33

DYOM Cold Year On Brother's Blood Trailer (150Subs Thanks Video)

OBB Trailer

On May 7, 2012. LnD has released a trailer for the DLC case: Foul Play in Palomino.

DYOM Cold Year On Brother's Blood DLC Case - Foul Play in Palomino Trailer02:41

DYOM Cold Year On Brother's Blood DLC Case - Foul Play in Palomino Trailer

DLC Case Trailer

Since May 1, 2012.

LnD is thinking of another DLC case.

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