The story revloves around Jake Theraphele who lost his parents when he was 17, he takes to the mafia and one day gets busted. The police invite him to programme which uses criminals to defeat other criminals. After this he proceeds his life until when his family brutally murdered by the Mafia. He then takes to killing goons and starts a war against the Mafia.


Dutchy3010 and PatricW for making DYOM abishai.kochara(me) for making this game Everyone who made tutorials and contributed to DYOM


Jake Theraphele

He joined the mafia at a very young age and was arrested, he was invited to the banishton programme and was an active member but backed out after a few missions and then continued on with his life.
Present Age : 32 Years
Profession : ex-soldier
Status : Alive, playable

Victor Hughes He too was a part of the banishton programme and he was the best at the programme, he and Jake were fast friends and he too backed out when Jake backed out, he and Jake served the army and currently lives in the country-side and owns a huge farm through which he makes a living
Present Age : 39 Years
Profession : Farm Owner/Business
Status : Friend, Alive, playable in the mission 'burning them out' from the chapter 'Kickback 'cause I've got my backup'
First Appearence : In the mission 'Backup' (the last mission) from the chapter 'Recovery'

Monero Leans He is one of Victor's friend and is part of a biker's gang and is very dedicated and serious in terms of friendship, he is the only one except Jake who knows that Victor was part of the banishton programme.
Present Age : 39 Years
Profession : part of a biker's gang
Status : Friend, Alive

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