CoreTex first joined GTAforums in 2012, Oct 25th. His first mission pack was:' Battlefield 3 - DYOM  'that was made in DYOM v7 Beta. The mission pack was supposed to represent Battlefield 3 in DYOM. Then the missions flowed, and then it turned at the wrong direction. It wasnt representing Battlefield 3, and went with it's own story. The missions were coming so fast, that even 5 missions came in one day. After that, when you came into the topic, you could see a big green text: "PROJECT CANCELED"

He then decided to create his second mission pack: Puzzle . This mission pack was also made on DYOM v7 Beta. The mission pack got somehow bugged, as players stated they can't pass one, or few sequences of the missions. The author stated that the missions were possible to pass, and that the missions are not bugged. 

Then CoreTex started his 3rd mission pack: James - Detective Story . He received alot of hate that he makes mission in DYOM V7 Beta. As it was known that Beta missions wont work with the final version. And it looked like a big project. After making 8th mission, there was no sign of more missions coming, as the last update was on Friday, Dec 7 2012, 18:23.

After the 3rd mission pack, he made a serious, 4th mission pack: Infection . The MP had total of 3 chapters. Players complained about the mission lenght, as the missions didn't even last 1 minute. After the three chapters, the project was abandoned.

Back after a long break - 2013Edit

CoreTex is back. Now in 2013, his 5th mission pack in CoreTex's carrer: Mirrors Edge 2 . The mission pack looks verry promising. On his DYOM profile, you can see that his mission pack is W.I.P, and he is working on the first mission. It looks like it will be the remake of a popular, DICE's and EA's game: Mirror's Edge. Or will the developer make his own story ? On his mission pack topic, you can see that the story is copied from the original game's story.

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