Cutscenes are a DYOM feature that allows to create cutscenes. Cutscenes are an example of Objectives feature. The focus and duration can be set by the designer. Cutscenes are mainly used to develop the plot of the mission, mission pack or storyline.


Cutscene is probably a major feature in earlier DYOM versions. The feature can be placed anywhere and used to show actor's movements, animations and conversations. Some cutscenes can be buggy, by typing certain symbols and can crash the whole game.

Moving CutscenesEdit

Moving cutscene was major wanted feature in DYOM by all users. Since DYOM V7 version, moving cutscenes are now available. There are 4 types.

Cutscene ModesEdit

Since the release of DYOM V7, there are now four cutscenes types, instead of one.


A normal cutscene that is only in the same place. This is the first type of cutscenes that were in older DYOM versions.


Camera moves with constant speed from the previous position to the selected position.


Camera moves with acceleration and deceleration from the previous position to the selected position.

Follow actorEdit

After you position the camera, you will be able to select one of the available actors (with Y and N), that the camera will follow during the cutscene

1st PersonEdit

Places the camera's at the actors eye-level and thus shows his view-point.

3rd PersonEdit

Hovers the camera behind the actor and moves with him, as he walks around, much like it normally does with the player.

Cutscene PropertiesEdit


Slows down the action, for a dramatic effect.

Shaking CameraEdit

Camera wiggles, to be used e.g. for explosions, drunkness

Skip FadingEdit

No fade-in, fade-out around the cutscene

Skip WidescreenEdit

Normal display is used for the cutscene instead of the standard widescreen