DYOM Contests are contests for designers to win Wall of Fame! There are currently 7 contests!


DYOM Contest #1

The very first contest started at the 2009's, which haven't got a theme. Dutchy3010 opened a thread at Feb 20 2009 and the contest started.

The winner of the first contest is tony-resta with his Rest in Peace mission.

DYOM Contest #2

Second contest started since Apr 4 2009, which theme was "GunFights".

The winner of the second contest is Miclin with his Deconstruction for Beginners mission.

DYOM Contest #3

Third contest started since Aug 5 2010, which theme was "Military".

The winner of the third contest is GTA!!! with his The Wanted! mission.

DYOM Contest #4

Fourth contest started since Nov 14 2010, which theme was "Exciting Storyline".

The winner of the fourth contest is Chimpso with his Perfidy missions.

DYOM Contest #5

Fifth contest started since Jan 28 2012, which theme was "2012 - The End of the World".[1]

The winner of the fifth contest is Arejai and his mission: "Catastrophe".

DYOM Contest #6

Sixth contest started since Aug 14 2012, which theme was '"3 objectives".

The winner of the sixth contest is xGhostx and his mission: "DYOM Puzzle".

DYOM Contest #7

Seventh contest started since Sep 7 2013. The second contest that doesn't have a theme, but there was a goal to use all of Version 7 features.

The winner of the seventh contest is Galactic and his mission: "Robbing the High Roller".


  1. Secronom created the fifth contest.