DYOM Designers/DYOM users are people who create missions, mission-packs for or using DYOM, they create missions which are made which are made with blood, sweat and toil(all of which are virtual), the upload them at GTAGarage, and create a topic at GTAForums, then they link all missions, etc.

They are the people who keep DYOM alive, not only they, but, also the DYOM Reviewers, Trailer makers play an important role in keeping it alive not to forget its creators, who have worked a big lot for us and made DYOM, which they could have sold but are giving it to us in free.

DYOM Designers are there to make DYOM, they use DYOM the most on productive basis as well as daily-basis, so without them, DYOM is dead. Here's an easy and useful list of some designers Every DYOM Designer with links

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