DYOM Modded Mission Contest
GTAForums Thread
Title: DYOM Modded Mission Contest
Starter: RandomStunt
Date: 26 October 2015
Type: Weekly Contest
Articles: MMC Discussion Topic
Credits: RandomStunt - Creator

RandomStunt - Current Leader

The DYOM Modded Mission Contest (MMC) is a weekly contest made by RandomStunt on 26 October 2015 based on MOTW. It was cancelled after the first contest because of the lack of participants.


The weekly DYOM Modded Mission Contest is a contest inspired by MOTW in which you make a mission using a certain mod. the host choses which one, and then you make the mission before the deadline ends. in the weekend the deadline ends and it is up to the users which modded mission will win. it's obvious that the players also would need the mod for the mission to function. after voting, the mission with the most votes wins and the winner choses the next mod. There's a few obvious rules to joining when you want to do so. Make sure you read the rules first, or your mission has a chance it has been done wrong. Check the current mod needed for the mission and download it. Make a mission with this mod for the contest and upload it somewhere, then post a link to in the current MMC topic.


- Mission must be made by you, for the contest. No missions made earlier, multi-designer missions or missions that don't use the mod needed for the current contest. If there are such missions, you will be disqualified.
- You can only make one mission. If you have multiple missions for one contest, you have to choose one.
- No voting for yourself. If you can't choose who to vote for, don't do it nonetheless.
- New accounts made for voting aren't allowed. This is a strict rule and anyone making a new account for voting will be disqualified.
- If your mission crashes, it cannot enter the contest.
- To avoid people from just watching the video instead of downloading the mission, we recommend you don't make videos for your mission before the contest ends. Also, you have to play all missions before you vote.
- If you win a contest, you'll recieve a PM from me with information what you should do next. A topic needs to be made ASAP (either the day you win or the day after). if you can't make a topic but know a mod theme, i'll host it with the mod you want.

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