Creator: xGhostx
Genre: Puzzle

DYOM PUZZLE is a mission created by xGhostx. It won the DYOM Awards 2012 as the best mission. It also won DYOM Contest #6.



Feature: -One of the most unique puzzle that haven't been made in DYOM. Probably because it's too hard to design. -Don't need any mod to play. -Only needed 1 gameplay objective.

Hint that can help you complete the mission:

Puzzle 1: Warmup! -Hint: Just make sure you know how to break stuff. :DD

Puzzle 2: Run! For your life! -Hint: Don't engage the 2 guy with the uzi.

Puzzle 3: Parachute jump! -Hint: Well if you know how to use a parachute, you'll be fine.

Puzzle 4: Minigun Nightmare! -Hint: The hardest puzzle, don't engage, think, find cover that can help you through.

Puzzle 5: Parkour time! -Hint: hope you like parkour. ;)

Puzzle 6: A gift from the sky -Hint: You'll get a rifle, don't use it to engage the minigun guy. Think! Look carefully.

Puzzle 7 (final): Walk on the cloud. -Hint: You can't not jump across, look around you. :DD

The important thing is you having fun!

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