DYOM TV is a television-like idea about announcing DYOM news from YouTube videos. The idea came from Converse where he announced his own DYOM TV in his topic, but he never made an episode due to being absent. Later, ThaBoY decided to take over the idea. He and his team already made 3 videos up-to-date.

About DYOM TVEdit

The DYOM TV is about broadcasting news and other reports that relates to DYOM. It's only presented in a better and more effective way. There'll be a new episode of DYOM TV every month on their YouTube channel

Converse's DYOM TVEdit

GTAForums Thread
Title: DYOM TV
Starter: Converse
Date: Feb 2 2012
Type: News, broadcasts, reviews

Converse's DYOM TV was the first project that was established by Converse. It was going to be a YouTube account, that'll upload videos set in a "news report" type broadcast. The launch date of the first episode was said to be Febuary 26, 2012, but  there were no DYOM TV broadcasts, due Converse's family business, DYOM TV was delayed to March 30, 2012 and it was never broadcasted.


  • Latest News; Reports of latest developments on the DYOM section in GTA Forums, and DYOM website.
  • Mission of the Week; A mini-review and walkthrough of the mission of the week.
  • Review of the Week; Will show the review of the week.
  • Interviews; A segment interviewing a DYOM designer.
  • Biography; A segment doing a biography on a DYOM designer.
  • DYOM Magazine; A short segment having a look at the latest issue of DYOM magazine.
  • Commercial; During the show, a short commercial for DYOM Magazine will be played.


  • News Collector; Collect news from the DYOM section of the GTA Forums. = abishai.kochara
  • News Collector #2; Collect news from the DYOM website. = Secronom President
  • MotW Selector; Selects the mission of the week. = ThaBoy
  • RotW Selector; Selects the review of the week. = -S-hark 21
  • Voice; Does the voice/narrating of the show. = LeonCJ
  • Biography Selector; Selects which DYOM designer to do a biography on. = Secronom President

ThaBoy's DYOM TVEdit

GTAForums Thread
Title: DYOM TV
Starter: ThaBoy
Date: Oct 4 2012, 23:13
Type: News, reports...

On October 4, 2012, ThaBoy recreated the idea to his own DYOM TV. He made a channel called DYOMTV123, where he uploads all of his DYOM TV videos.

On October 21, 2012, ThaBoy uploaded his first episode with guests such as Doublepulse, KaRzY6 and Secronom President. First episode was also announced in DYOM Website. The episode currently has over 2,000 views

On November 30, 2012, Second episode of DYOM TV was released. This episode has more views than the first one. It's also the most popular episode up-to-date. COOLMAN and LnD joined debuted in the episode.

On December 24, 2012, Chrismtas Edition of DYOM TV aka Episode 3 was released. This episode was worked more than the previous ones. Arejai debuted in the episode.


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