This is an article about the list of featured quotes in DYOM World.


Sep 24 -

"You guys have been like my second family and for that I thank you very much. All of you are awesome. There's no really other way to put it. Even guib, in his own way I thank you all for the support over this great 2 years and I'm glad that I left such a huge mark in this subforum, or the DYOM history, depends on how you see it."
-Jimmy Leppard {source}

May 18 - Sep 24

"I never thought that I will win this medal. Since there are tough candidates namely "Hell on Wheels" and "Life in San Diablo" which I think will deserve this medal more than me. Hell on Wheels looks so promising since the maker didn't use DYOM for making that one....."
-Alifjenius {source}

May 5 - May 17

"hebekie, you made a topic just because you wanted to say that the forums are a complete mess because of people opening up small topics etc. It's like we don't know that. We have eyes to, you know. There's no need for you to point it out for us."
-Jimmy_Leppard {source}

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