DYOM World: The Designers' Chronicles
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Title: DYOM World: The Designers' Chronicles
Starter: leoncj
Date: Mar 19 2012, 20:18
Type: RPG Game
Articles: BUYSAG

DYOM World: The Designers' Chronicles is an "RPG" based game with a use of DYOM, created by LnD and COOLMAN12234555896.


LnD came up with an idea to create an RPG game similar like "Build Up Your San Andreas Gang". After COOLMAN heard that idea, he decided to join him. On March 19, 2012, LnD started a topic to put some information about the game. There are 2 cities that players can join. The cities are Las Venturas and Los Santos.

Version 1.0

On March 22, the game was officialy launched and the players started to register. Also, Doublepulse and Nitesh joined the game as mission raters.


  • The game idea came from BUYSAG and RPG games.

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