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A DYOM user or DYOM designer or simply designer is a person who uses "Design Your Own Mission" mod, creates and uploads missions and socializes in gtaforums.

Becoming an user

To become a DYOM user is quiet simple. You just need to download the mod and create a mission. A DYOM user also counts as playing DYOM missions created by other users.


Ranks are unofficial in DYOM. They serve as how good are you in designing and playing missions.

Normal Ranks

Normal ranks sets your level in designing missions.

Newbie DYOM user

A DYOM user has to start from somewhere, so Newbie rank is for new people who are new to DYOM. They also need to introduce themselves to features that are in DYOM and learn them to properly use them.

Normal DYOM user

After some days of work and improvements, newbies can start creating bigger and better missions than their previous ones. Normal DYOM users knows everything about DYOM and its features and, of course, bugs. Most DYOM users like to create special threads in gtaforums to help others using the mod.

Senior DYOM user

It takes patience and a lot of time to make the perfect missions, and that's what senior users do. Seniors likes to improve their missions by adding cool stuff, more details and more action. Writing a script is also one of the seniors' advantages of making awesome missions with every detail without errors.

Notable seniors:

Special Ranks

Special ranks are hard obtainable (and sometimes easy) ranks that makes a DYOM user special. It counts as a second rank for an user.

Banned DYOM user

Some of the users either has a childish behavior or likes to spam and make others to suffer in gtaforums. Those users are banned from gtaforums, but they can still design missions and upload them (if DYOM staff catches them in DYOM website)

Notable banned users:

DYOM Staff

Main article: DYOM Staff

Since DYOM awards, the creators of DYOM updated the DYOM website and put the winners of DYOM awards in-charge, making them DYOM staff.


  • In DYOM website, there's a rank called "Senior DYOM designer", but it's actually false, as becoming a senior you only need to upload one mission.

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