DarkGamer is one of the DYOM users in gtaforums.


Learning the BasicsEdit

April 2012, As DarkGamer is looking at some GTA San Andreas videos in youtube, he found a video about DYOM, after he watched it he got intersted in it so he began to download it at gtagarage, DarkGamer still dosen't know what to do so he went to gtaforums and learned the basics and he tried to create a simple mission.

First 2 Mission Published Edit

May 2012, DarkGamer registered in DYOM website and gtaforums, and he published a mission called "My Revenge", He was happy and he made another mission called "Army vs Terrorists Part 1", originally there should be 3 parts but DarkGamer dropped it.


June 2012, DarkGamer became inactive both DYOM and gtaforums since he is an admin in a SAMP server.

Coming BackEdit

October 2012, The SAMP server that he's admin in was closed down so DarkGamer went back to DYOM and gtaforums, but he decided to play missions of others before he will create his mission pack, he played some great mission packs and he decided to make the plot of his mission pack.

The First Mission PackEdit

November 28, 2012, DarkGamer finished designing the first 6 missions of his mission pack: Story of James Hawkins, he uploaded it at DYOM website and made a topic about it in gtaforums, He already plotted the beginning and ending of the mission pack and announing that there shall be 7 chapters.

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