Mission Pack

Dark Assassin: The Conspiracy
Mission pack
Creator: Notna
Type: Community Project
Status: Complete
Number of Chapters: 3
Protagonist(s): Leo

Dark Assassin: The Conspiracy is a 3rd multi-designer mission project created by Notna.


Leo is a high ranked assasin. Give him a job, it's done. However, after an assasination of the senator of the state, Leo finds out about a government conspiracy, to take out the current president. However, they don't have a man for the job. The vice president - the mastermind of the conspiracy - offers the job for Leo. Leo is on the border of his morale. Take out the president and take the money, or reveal the conspiracy


"Multi designer mission pack is not so complicated as it might sound. We have a turn list with all of our participants. Someone makes the first mission - in this case it's me -, the intro mission. Then, the next one - in this case Alifjenius - in the turn list, makes a mission which continues the story right after where the participant before left it. When all participants in the turn list have made a mission, it starts all over again, me, Alifjenius and so on. When we have a good point to end the story, we will end it. I am currently looking for about 40 missions, so it would be that everyone makes 3 missions. But it can be less, or more, we will see that. When your turn comes, you are allowed to make one mission. You have 3 days to make the mission. If you know that you can't make it in 3 days, you can tell us that you must be skipped. You can also request more time. If you don't make a mission in 3 days and don't even respond, you will be skipped automatically. When you have made your mission, PM me about it and add the link to the topic. Then, when I'll checked the mission, I'll tell who's next on the turnlist and that he/she is free to make his/her mission. If you have added a new character/characters to the story, PM about it and I recommend you to tell something about the character, but it isn't necessary, still I think I can make up something about the character myself. And I want to state that if here occurs any kind of insulting, bullying or something like those, I'll kick the one to the ass and out of the project at the same time."

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