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Denise's Stories
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Mission pack
Creator: NothingSpecial
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: GTA SA
Status: WIP
Year: 1990
Protagonist(s): Denise Robinson

Denise's Stories is a mission pack created by NothingSpecial.


Welcome To San Andreas. Welcome to the 1990.

Denise Robinson is a high-ranking member and the co-leader of the Grove Street Families, one of the five prominents gang in Los Santos, a city tearing itself apart with never-ending gang trouble, drugs and corruptions.

A couple of months before the First Great Gang War, gang's activites become worser and more dangerous. There are no days in Los Santos without gang wars and deaths. On March 13, a shootout between the Grove Streets and Ballas broke out under the highways. Greens blasting reds.

Denise, Sweet, Ryder and Smoke were involved in the shootout. Denise was unknowingly lost her unconciusness in the middle of the fights. She has to act fast to defeat the remaining Ballas and soon she was forced on a journey that takes her across the entire state of San Andreas to take control of the streets.


Denise's Stories - DYOM Trailer01:17

Denise's Stories - DYOM Trailer

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