Different Paths
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Mission-Pack
Genre: Decisions, Mafia, Police
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: Marchelo's POV

Micheal's POV Extension

Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Marchelo & Michael

Different Paths is a successful Mission-Pack created by AnDReJ98. It was released on 21 March 2014, although first few missions and plans began in early 2013. This mission-pack allows player to see story from two point of views, give freedom in passing the missions and make a decisions that will affect the story. Mission-pack contains 9 story missions 2 major choices, 1 bonus choice and a lot of in-mission decisions (Including decisions and different POVs it's more than 25 missions) Story has two different point of views that happens in same timeline with different kind of missions.


It was just a deal with a local gang around, but it went wrong. We were ambushed by the cops, everything was fast. I had to move on, they were all around. Hardly I managed to escape.. But it wasn't the end. They don't give up that easy. Because when i was outside the shop a day later, i saw bunch of cops behind me, and ... I just hear on the radio 'To all nearest units, suspect is around temple!' The same second i started driving there. It was like i was waiting for something like this.. - Marchelo & Michael


To see source of ratings, click on the link  4.5/5

GTAForums Reviewers  3/5

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