Dillimore Curse
Mission pack
Creator: LnD
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Horror Detective
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 2 chapters
Year: 2010
Protagonist(s): Denise Paterson

Dillimore Curse is a detective horror mission pack. It was started since Aug 31 2010 and finished since Oct 15 2010.


2008 years. San Andreas, Los Santos.
There was a little child called Josh Dillimore. The child was cursed by the Dillimore Family Infection. The Dillimore Family were the researchers of the Area 69 around the Desert of San Andreas. The infection caused very dangerous things to the people of Los Santos. The Police jailed that child so he won't get outside, but the all the officers of LSPD died inside. Josh's father Harry Dillimore arrived to talk to Josh, to free him. Josh saw too much blood so he went insane and started to KILL. He's curse helped him with that by killing Helena Dillimore, his mother. Harry hidden and called the Area 69, they came and killed Josh. Harry and the Police buried Josh under an old motel in Dillimore town near Los Santos.
2010 years. San Andreas, Dillimore.
A murder scene was in the motel. People of Dillimore believes that Josh Dillimore is back and seeks revenge on the Dillimore People. They also believe that his curse infected some people of Dillimore and now are helping Josh to fully revive from his death. They were right, his curse infected few people: Edward Barton, Barney Wood and Ivan Farskey. They all are now in the WANTED list of San Andreas. They all are hunting down a Detective of Los Santos, Denise Paterson, but she doesn't know that, NO ONE DOES. And the worst thing is: she lives at the motel where's Josh is buried...

Dillimore Curse 2Edit

LnD started Dillimore Curse II after the first one. He released the first mission, but then after, he realised that it's a failure and it was closed.

Soon after, he recieved a PM from Rytuklis, asking about him letting to finish Dillimore Curse 2. And he did.

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