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Username: DonFedrizzi
aka: Mr. Striker
Nationality: Brazil
Forums: Nov 9, 2010
Website: Oct 16, 2011
DonFedrizzi is a DYOM mission designer, better known for his San Fierro Street Stories missionpack.

The Start

DonFedrizzi found out about Design Your Own Mission in 2009, when he was looking for "different things" for his GTA. After making a few movies with the game, mainly using SanAn Studios, he decided to take a try in the mission area: what a good shot!

His first missions and missionpacks were all in Portuguese but, after a few months, he started to make more "profesional" things. He was also the creator of the Greenglass College pack, but only made 2 missions of it.

About Don

Although he's acclaimed as one of the best mission-designers since mid-2010, Don has never won any kind of competition between designers. That could be because of his "instability" in the DYOM universe: Don keeps coming back to DYOM and, after a few time, stopping his mission-design works and his gaming routine again and again.

He's known to have uninstalled GTA and reinstalled it a lot of times, due to this "interruptions" of playing GTA, and also known for his perfeccionism during the dialongs, cutscenes and story of each mission of him.

San Fierro Street Stories: the great idea

WARNING: Spoiler alert!

In 2010, Don came up with a new mission pack, first known as "San Fierro Stories". It told the story of Nick Johnson, a man from Vice City that came to San Fierro in order to his help his cousin, Benjamin, a local gang leader, to regain respect and control of the city.

After the first missions were posted, Don reached a surprising success, and, because of this, he decided to "remake" all the missions he had done from that pack, making them even better, and re-telling the story of Nick and Benjamin in a more-detailed way: that was the beginning of San Fierro Street Stories, one of his biggest projects.

He created a topic in the, and, since the start of "SFSS", Don has been posting every mission in there, becoming more and more known in the DYOM mission-making scenario.

Other missions of DonFedrizzi

Greenglass College in;

Zombie Attack - part 1 and Part 2, a two-part missionpack in which the player is an American biker that lives an weird experience in Area 69, after a failed assault on a nearby bank;

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