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Mission Pack

Dream Hunters
Mission pack
Creator: Doublepulse
Type: Community Project
Genre: Sci-fi
Status: WIP
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Narcis Parker, Amber Halloway and James Maxwell

Dream Hunters is the 4th multi-designer mission project created by Doublepulse.


For many years, it was unknown whether people could control their dreams or create an altered universe within their mind, however that all changed when the San Andreas Government sent schizophrenic scientist James Maxwell aka 'Mr. X' to create the Dream Project.

After the project got into the wrong hands, Narcis Parker who is a young student finds himself having strange dreams that feel real as it can be. In these dreams, he is being chased by agents trying to kill him. As time goes on, Narcis will realize he is in the Dream Project.

One of the agents, Amber Halloway used to be a test subject who was trained to be a Dream Hunter. Now after 2 years of 'retirement', she is blackmailed into taking the contract to hunt down Narcis Parker. But knowing Mr. X's motives, she must choose whether to help Narcis or Mr. X

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