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Username: dudeOFSANTOS
aka: dude


Immature Basterd



Forums: Jun 10, 2013
Website: Jun 01 '13
dudeofSANTOS is a DYOM Mission player who joined in June 2013. He is also widely known for his acts of annoying people throughout the forum in his old days.


dudeofSANTOS joined DYOM to play & comment. He doesn't make any missions. He created a GTA Forums account 10 Days later. He started hanging around the MOTW threads and seemed to be normal & calm. Well... Up until MOTW4. Chips237 got rights to being an MOTW Admin. he changed the deadlline which caused Target13 to lose. Target & Alokik start fighting with Chips237, many others were also involved. Later chips returned the deadline to normal & things became Calm. Target & Nyhicchi got a tie. Nyhicchi decided to let Target win & it was over. But then dudeofSANTOS started telling Target that he only won cause of friends & started disliking Target.

Angry BehaviorEdit

dudeofSANTOS started to spam a little bit in the MOTW threads. Whenever Target had less votes, he would make cheering posts. He started spamming in PM & sent it to Target. He created a thread in the Gen-Chat which tells about the unlucky number 13. HE ment to taunt Target13. He even kept spaming in Target's MP thread & taunted a full Mod. He stopped for awhile & told everyone that he wanted to confess something. He stated that Target13 & Roslina payed him to start fights in order to make DYOM more active. He also stated that he is a 10 Year old. Now everyone thinks that he is an immature kid. He was inactive for a couple of days then returned to start a fight in Alokik's MP thread. stating that He will still try to destroy Target. He started a fight & left then let The others continue it. Doublepulse later cleaned the topic & created a locked Thread filled with the Spam from Alokik's thead. Doublepulse set dudeofSANTOS as the Topic Starter.


Things became calm & dudeofSANTOS stopped spaming. in MOTW9, Target got only one vote. He left a massage stating that he hopes dudeofSANTOS doesn't spam about that. Later he dude left a normal reply not even mentioning Target. A Simple vote. It is possible that dudeofSANTOS decided to stop spamming because he already got a kind of warning from the Forum Leader.

Even though dudeofSANTOS tried to change himself, he always fails in every attempt. Target13Productions has not yet forgiven him of his actions, and so does the rest of the community that he annoyed.

He tried to make a DYOM Installer, which was given negative reviews, before it was taken down by Patrick because it was made without the permission of the DYOM creators.

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