Episode From San Fierro
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Mission pack
Creator: cidj
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Gangs, Mafia, GTA STYLE
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 1 chapter. (Other 3 were canceled.)
Year: 2006
Protagonist(s): Tobey Marshall

Episode From San Fierro is Cidj's first mission pack which was previously scheduled as 3 chapters and then, it was released under only 1 chapter.

Story Edit

Tobey Marshall, the protagonist which is based on Need For Speed protagonist Tobey Marshall which was played by Aaron Paul... A gangbanger that got a gang called the San Andreas Playas and their sworn enemies are the San Fierro Thugs, was participating in a war against them but was shoot... After he was released from jail on 2006, he got up to his hood where he founded out that it is now the weaker gang of all of San Andreas. Now it's time for Tobey to bring back his gang on set!

Canceling the future 3 chapters. Edit

Cidj announced that he canceled the future 3 chapters making his first mission pack as only one chapter.

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