Episodes From San Fierro
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Storyline
Genre: GTA style
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 2 episodes
Year: 1993
Protagonist(s): Brian Robison
AnDReJ98 started a new storyline called Episodes from San Fierro on 7 November 2011. It was finished 1 week later with 19 missions in total. Story-Line reached more than 1700 downloads on GTAGarage and 2000+ on DYOM website, making it AnDReJ98's most downloaded story-line in his career.  

Story Edit

Five years ago, Bryan and George Robinson, two brothers started working for San Fierro Rifa street-gang. Few months late, George had some incidents with Italian mafia in local coffee bar, what caused a drive by between George, Bryan and their friends from Riffa, and Italian guys who called themselves 'Gracia gang'. Drive-by ended by crashing George's car into wall in East San Fierro. Then there spawned shooting between Riffa and Gracia. Gracia was more in better position, then Bryan saw there is no chance in surviving, he left his wounded brother George and got away, packing his stuff and flew to Germany. Five years later, Bryan finally decided to come back to San Fierro and finish the unfinished business that he should have done a long time ago.


To see source of reviews, click on the links. 5/5 (Episode 1) 4.5/5 (Episode 2) 3.3/5 (All episodes)


AnDReJ98 recently started a remake of Episodes From San Fierro because of updating story-line with better missions & understandable story. 

To see remake of the mission-pack (Episodes From San Fierro New), click here.

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