Mission List
Username: GTA!!!


Nationality: New Delhi, India
Forums: May 2, 2009

GTA!!! is an old DYOM user and mission designer.


Since May 6, 2009 he has his own mission topic.

Designing mini-story's, mini-missions. GTA!!! is one of the old popular one's. He made a lot of mini-missions and got people's attention since 2009. As in his own mission topic.

2010 Return and DYOM Contest 3#

GTA!!! returns designing missions in 2010.

He joins the third DYOM contest and officialy wins the first place with his mission: The Wanted.

The Ideal Sheriff (2011)

GTA!!! starts a mission pack story at Jan 11, 2011.

The Ideal Sheriff is still WIP and only has 2 missions done, the creator of it have disappeared again.

As in his comment, he'll be long gone:

"'Guys I have a bad news for you. This year 2011 will be my most important year, so Most of the time will be spend in studying rather than mission making. I will rarely come here this year.'"
-GTA!!! in his topic

Will he continue his missions ever again? Losing such great designer is a pitty.

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