This mission pack is still in-progress.
"The information will change overtime. Remove this template when the mission pack is finished."
GTA: Los Santos Chronicles
Mission pack
Creator: ItsAllAboutGTA
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: GTA Style
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Chapters: Unknown (currently 1)
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Bryan Tyler (most likely)

GTA: Los Santos Chronicles is, most likely, a GTA style mission pack, started since May 5 2012.


'Bryan Tyler,a man who moved to Vinewood,Los Santos.he have been living in Los Santos for about only 4 day,a tax collector come to his place asking him for the payment for the place he stayed but,he cant pay because he doesn't have any job to earn now he don't have place to stay,no money,and no job.his trying to ask for help from his friend Jerry Mcreary.luckily,Jerry have a place for Bryan to stay and give Bryan a,Bryan want to change his live'

'Money means Everything - Bryan Tyler

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