GTA:III Reloaded
Mission pack
Creator: ManDog

Rytuklis (first thread)

Type: Storyline
Status: Cancelled
Number of Chapters: 3
Year: 2001
Protagonist(s): Claude Speed

GTA:III Reloaded is a massive DYOM project. The mastermind who came up with awesome idea is Rytuklis. The project is about remaking the whole GTA:III using DYOM and the original San Andreas map. The project uses no mods, only DYOM itself.

Set BacksEdit

Rytuklis Wasn't Updating

One of the major set backs was that Rytuklis wasn't updating the main post regularly. Many of the DYOMer's involved in the project got angry and demanded he update it. He confirmed that someone else could take over. A newcomer to DYOM, ArijeshM_97 made the new topic. Because he was new, many DYOM Users doubted him leading the massive project. He proved them wrong. He updated regularly and turned out to be a great leader

ArijeshM_97's BanEdit

The project looked back on track. But not long after ArijeshM_97 took over, he was banned. He made 2 other accounts, Arijesh and The DYOM Fan, which both got banned. This was yet another set-back.

Back On Track?Edit

After this events. Both Rytuklis's and ArijeshM_97's topics were locked. So ManDog started a new topic. However the project was forgotten & seems to be cancelled. In June 2013, Rytuklis started his own GTA 3 Reload again & it became very popular & used GTA SA:LC, so this means that maybe a San Andreas version will not be made again.

The ReturnEdit

Main article: GTA III Reloaded (remake)

On July 3, 2013, Rytuklis recreated GTA III Reloaded thread with a full chapter of Portland missions.

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