GTA Los Santos
5s7TF (1)
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Both
Genre: GTA Style, Roberry
Status: Canceled
Number of Chapters: ???
Year: 1989
Protagonist(s): Mickey Jones

GTA Los Santos is a storyline/mission-pack created by AnDReJ98 on 17 March 2012. It had elements to be called a prequel to The Franchescos Brothers.


In 1988 year,when Franchesco Mexican family talking about something very important,Franco Franchesco and his brother didn't want same thing,so Franco's brother got to Los Santos to start his work there. One year later 1989,Franchesco Mexican family has separated on two parts. First part was Frachesco company and boss is Franco, dad of Pablo, Tico and Alberto (from The Franchescos Brothers). Second part was Franchesco crime family where boss was Franco's brother called Sen. Franchesco company be developed more quickly than Frachesco crime family. Then the problem arises.Tommy Vercetti and Sen,wants to made a deal. Tommy wanna buy bombs from Sen to destroy Franchesco's main building in Vice City. Like people say: In Vice City,ony Tommy can get money! So Tommy sent Mickey and Steve to Los Santos to buy big packs of explosives.


After few weeks, few missions made, Andrej put this project into canceled status. The reason was 'Filed project,cause of lousing 12 missions from PC'


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