GTA Unfinished Business
Mission pack
Creator: LeonCJ
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: GTA style.
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 24 missions
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Carl Johnson

Download a Mod: Gta United


Gta Unfinished Buisness..
Carl Jhonson.. Know as CJ .. Was in Liberty City...
Working for Salvatore... he gets a Mission to Fly/Swim to Vice City... to kill Vincent..
CJ finds out that Sweet is in Vice city too... CJ Kills Vincent!
CJ and Sweet Meets Some Three Guys... Afther it...
CJ and Sweet Fly/Swim back to Liberty City..
CJ Does Sweet's Missions... and then Comes back to Salvatore...
And then.. You must Find out...
Play it.. Love it.. Ejoy it...
Goodluck.. You gonn' Need it!

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