GTA Vice City Reloaded
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Storyline
Genre: Remake
Status: Work In Progress
Year: 1986
Protagonist(s): Tommy Vercetti
Credits: KaRzY6 - Starter of Discussion Thread

AnDReJ98 - Continuing the project, leader, organizer, designer

On 1 January 2012 KaRzY6 opened topic called GTA Vice City discussion thread where he started organizing designers and things they need to do before starting designing. In the fall 2012, Karzy said he can't be leader anymore and gave the project to AnDReJ98. Because almost everything was organized (skins, locations, etc.), Andrej made new thread where designing should start. Designers chose which missions they want to do, but none really started designing. Progress was still 0%, like none was interested in it anymore.

Then, after a long time, 2 years later, Andrej said at Designer's Lounge if anyone is interested in the project. Many designers agreed and were interested in it. One day later, he opened new thread,designers started joining, and progress finally begun.

But it didn't last long until the project got abandoned again.

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