• Intro - Small introduction about Su Xi Mu.
  • Triad Work - Go to work and then have a shootout with the Da Nang Boys.
  • Rare Stallion - Steal a rare variant of the stallion.
  • Tank You! - Get in a stolen Rhino and attack the da nang boys.
  • Surprise! - Lure Da Nang Boys to Bayside and kill them.
  • Being someone else's dog - Meet Hu Li Chan with Woozie.
  • Pay Your Debt - Burn down two stores which won't pay to Hoolie.
  • Dealbreaker - Watch over a deal between two rival gangs and kill them.
  • Van Carnage - Destroy 5 vans belonging to rival gangs, for Hoolie
  • Getaway from the Mistake - Save three triads from the da nang boys at the xoomer gas station.
  • The Casino - introduction to the Casino.
  • Masters of Disguise - kill some disguised Enemies in the casino before they start a disturbance.
  • Friendly Negotiation - Go with Woozie to a place to speak to the leader of the "Thugz" and then help Woozie escape.
  • Plan Backfired - Get sent into the Thugz hideout, only to be spooked by Charlie with a minigun.
  • Sabotage - Get rid of some Ammunation vans before the Thugz get it.
  • Cruising down the Street - Cruise around Las Venturas to find mobsters.
  • Hoolie's Casino - Meet Hoolie at his casino in Redsands and defend it from the Thugz.
  • This Time Has Been A Blast - Steal a van loaded with drugs and rig it with a bomb before the rest of the Thugz come.
  • Farlie - Pick up Farlie from the airport with a Limo and Escape a Mafia Ambush.
  • Mafia War - Attack the Caligula's Casino.
  • Casino Competition - Defend the Casino from an intense mafia attack.
  • Cleaning Up - Storm the Casino and kill every mafioso inside and then kill Mr. Vinci.
  • Outro - Outro and credits for everything.

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