Su Xi Mu
Su Xi Mu-Gangland Problems
Appearances: Gangland Problems
Full Name: Su Xi Mu
Also Known As: Suzie
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Nationality: Chinese
Home: Chinatown, San Fierro
Rockshore West, Las Venturas
Affiliations: Woozie
Hoolie's Bodyguard

Su Xi Mu, better known as Suzie is the protagonist of Gangland Problems.

Story Edit

Well-known in the triad community for his amazing gun skills which no triad member had for decades. Dangerous enough to kill a whole gang with only one gun and no backup. Su Xi Mu was first only a translator and Assistant for Ran Fa Li, but in 1995 Farlie left San Andreas without Suzie. Suzie now being thrown onto the street life of not being a translator anymore but a Mountain Cloud Boy assossicate, he tried to do his best to go to a shooting range regularily and improve his aim to help Woozie and his triad gang to success. Suzie had a special power in him that made him learn gunmanship really fast, helping Woozie with the problems in San Fierro and the Casino in Las Venturas. As years passed, Suzie and Woozie kept doing the same over and over while the world was changing very fast. During Gangland Problems, he helps Woozie defeat the Thugz and the Vinci Mafia. He drove a Red and Blue Hellenbach GT (or Clover if mods are not used) but later Woozie arranged him a dark green Jester and a house in Rockshore West.

Murders Committed Edit

  • Many Thugz - Shot to defend the Triads.
  • Many Vinci Mobsters - Shot to defend Triads and eliminate competition.
  • Charlie - Blown up in a van to help the triads..
  • Mr. Vinci - Shot down by Suzie in an attempt to eliminate competition.

Mission Appearances Edit

Gangland Problems Edit

All missions as he is the protagonist.

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