Gangster 4 Life
Gangster 4 Life
Mission pack
Creator: TheXProyect
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Gangster/Action
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 4
Year: 1995
Protagonist(s): Eric Wright, Shane Wright and Aaron Maylay

This is the first mission-pack made by TheXProyect in english.


Protagonists: Eric Wright, Shane Wright and Aaron Maylay.

Chapter 1Edit

You are a gangster named Eric Wright (Dedicated to the rapper Eazy-e) steal cars, shops of all, and your friend Aaron waiting to travel to Los Santos where Eric's brother will be waiting for years.

Chapter 2Edit

After Eric and Aaron returned to Los Santos many things changed, Eric was betrayed by one of his friends Gabriel Wayne, Eric and can not stay in Los Santos and that's why David rescued Eric and Aaron and brought them to another place called San Fierro, where he began a new life.

Chapter 3Edit

Eric is caught by the FBI and is carried to a high security prison, where Eric met his brother Shane Wright (again) and it had caught and arrested. Erick will spent the rest of his days in jail where he meets old friends looking for a way out.

Chapter 4Edit

After a lot of events, Eric had returned to Los Santos in search of his brother Shane, everything came back as it was when Shane put him in jail, Eric began a new life after that meeting new people and ended betraying him term in jail in the same place as Shane, Shane was angry that Eric did not contact, after a few days planned a getaway with Ryo, successfully managed to escape but several of his friends died saving their lives, Ryo ends up being a traitor and friend of Paul Jackson, Eric killed for two shot of Paul and Ryo, Shane manages to survive, but now seeks revenge...


DYOM Gangster 4 Life Trailer-001:50

DYOM Gangster 4 Life Trailer-0

Made by -S-hark21.


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