Grand Theft Auto is the newest Storyline by GTAIndonesia, currently, it is under production.


The story starts with the protagonist, James Trevor in Saint Mark's, Liberty City knocking on the front door of his brother's apartment, Chris Trevor, Chris is inside with a prostitute, while James is arguing that th plane is going to leave, Once Chris came out of the apartment, They head of to Francis International Airport and fly to Las Venturas.

They arrived at Las Venturas and Chris showed him to their apartment, after that, the player is free to roam around Las Venturas or visit Chris, who works at Caligula's Casino.

At Caligula's Casino, Chris is seen talking to a woman bartender, Kate, asking her on a date, James came and talks to Chris, who was interupted by the Casino Manager, who is asking about where the new chis are, Chris asks James to get the Chips from Caine.

When James reaches Caine, tehy got attacked by the Siccilian Mafia Family, Caine and James killed them, and the Mafia got revenge by trashing the Casino, but James and Chris stopped them.

Chris later on introduces James to Marcus Jackson, or often called Mark, who can help James and Chris at Las Venturas, later on Mark becomes good friends with James.

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